Purcellville Canons


“Super Jo” Strikes Again as Cannons outlast Generals in 10 innings

Cannons vs. Waynesboro Generals Recap

By: Lauren Fulton

“The game is never over, until the game is finished.” It’s an adage I believe every
athlete hears at some point in their career, no matter the sport. Every single play counts
towards the end result, and the game doesn’t just end when the 9th inning hits – in
some circumstances, it’s when the competitiveness of the game truly begins. Tonight
the Cannons traveled to Kate Collins Field and played the Waynesboro Generals, which
resulted in a nail-biting 10-inning game, with a 12-9 Cannons win!

The starting pitcher for the Cannons tonight was Mo Rodriguez who pitched a total of 3
innings, allowing just 2 hits and limiting the Generals to 0 runs, with 5 strikeouts. First
in relief for the Cannons tonight was Jabbari Smith, (JR; undecided), who pitched a
total of 2.1 innings, allowed 3 hits, 3 earned runs, and 1 unearned run during his time
on the mound. Finishing off the 5th inning was Jaxson Dalena, (SO; Shippensburg
University), who gave up 2 hits and 1 run. Up next from the bullpen was Will Ricketts,
(JR; Frostburg State University), who pitched a total of 2.1 innings, allowing 2 hits and
2 runs to score. He was relieved by Luke Lyman, (FR; Morehead State University), who
allowed 1 hit and no runs to score. The winning pitcher tonight, Zach Mizrahi, (JR;
Daytona State University), took the mound shortly after Lyman, and lasted a total of 0.1
innings, giving up 1 hit and 2 runs. The save pitcher of the night was none other than
Jose Torres, (SR; University of Louisiana Lafayette), who pitched 0.2 innings, gave up 1
hit, and allowed no runs to score, to finish out the ballgame. The Cannons bullpen saw
a lot of action tonight, with pitching changes being made almost every inning, however,
each player proved the versatility of these boys, and their ability to adapt to quick
change and responsiveness.

The Cannons offense once again put up a respectable amount of runs in the beginning
and end of the game, after suffering from a bit of a “lull” during the middle innings.
Joseph Eichelberger came up big for the Cannons yet again, hitting another homerun
in the 10th, and recording 3 RBI’s to help take the lead. Keegan Knuston had another
incredible night at the plate going 2 for 4 with 1 RBI, increasing his overall batting
average to .409. MJ Rodriguez and Mikey Brinton both went 2 for 5 at the plate as well,
putting the Cannons in a position to move runners around and advance as necessary.
Catching for the Cannons was Jose Torres, who remained solid behind the plate for his
time on the field. Playing first base was MJ Rodriguez, playing second was Keegan
Knuston, playing shortstop was Michael McKinney, and rounding off the infield was
Mikey Brinton playing third. Starting in left field was Necumba Booker Jr., playing
center field was Caleb Stewart, and playing right field was Joseph Eichelberger. The
team recorded 4 errors on the night but were still able to get the job done in the 10th.
The Cannons will remain in the Shenandoah Valley tomorrow as they travel to
Harrisonburg, VA to take on the Harrisonburg Turks, but will be back in town on Friday
night for some weekend fun at Fireman’s Field!