Purcellville Canons


Cannons Down Cavs 9-6 Behind Solid Starting Pitching and Timely Hits

Cannons vs. Culpeper Recap

By: Lauren Fulton

Last night the Purcellville Cannons took on the Culpeper Cavaliers for the first time in
program history. After suffering the first loss of the season just a day before this game,
the Cannons took the field with a renewed sense of purpose – they chose to not let
their past performances define them and learned from their shortcomings. By working
together as a team, the Cannons successfully defeated the Cavaliers 9-6, making it the
first program win against the newly formed team.

On the mound for the Cannons tonight was Maguire Ayres, (SR; Purdue University Fort
Wayne), who pitched a total of 6.2 innings, giving up a total of 6 hits, with 4 runs
scored. This was the first time Ayres took the field for the Cannons this season, as well
as his first year playing for the team. His teammates as well as the fans look forward to
seeing more of what he has to offer throughout the rest of the season. First in relief for
the Cannons tonight was Alberto McCarthy, who gave up 1 hit, allowing 2 runs to score
for the Cavaliers. Coming in in the middle of the 8th inning to relieve him was Luke
Lyman, (FR; Morehead State University), who threw a consistent 94-96mph, not only
setting a personal record in tonight’s appearance, but also held the Cavaliers to just 6
runs, allowing no hits, no walks, and no runs scored. It’s safe to say not only by my
own accord but the Cannons fans as well, Luke earned the Cannons pitcher of the
evening. To finish off the night, Jacob Smith, (SO; University of Pacific), came in to
pitch for the first time in his career with the Cannons, and allowed no hits, one walk,
and no runs scored.

The defense for the night was designed for success – catching for the Cannons was
Jose Torres, (SR; University of Louisiana Lafayette), who held it down behind the plate
for the entire game. Playing first was Bear Horowicz, (SO; University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill), playing second was the Purcellville Eats player of the game, Keegan
Knuston, (SO; San Jacinto College North), playing shortstop was Caleb Stewart, (JR;
Georgia State University), and finishing off the infield was Aiden McDonald, (FR; James
Madison University). Playing outfield for the evening was Necumba Booker Jr., (JR;
Montreat College) in left, playing center was Mikey Brinton, (JR; University of Arkansas
Fort Smith), and playing right Joseph Eichelberger, (JR; Paul D Camp). The Cannons
had just 2 errors the whole evening and efficiently executed the routine plays necessary
to win the game.

Offensively, the Cannons showed up and showed out for this “comeback” game. It
goes without saying that Keegan Knuston was by far the most notable player of the
evening for many reasons, not only did he play incredible defense at second base the
entire evening, but he did exactly what he needed to do as the 5th batter in the lineup.
It is said that the 4th hitter is the designated “cleanup hitter” of the lineup, but tonight
Knuston showed his teammates and the fans exactly the purpose of his unique
position – to keep the rally going. Knuston went 3 for 4 at the plate, and recorded 3
RBI’s on the night, increasing his batting average to .389, making him one of the most                                                                                          successful hitters on the team.

Complimenting him at the plate was Jose Torres, who
also had an incredible night at the plate. Torres went 2 for 3 at the plate and recorded 4
RBIs to help increase the Cannons lead throughout the evening. Additionally, Ryne
Guida, (SR; Florida International University), went 2 for 4 at the plate and was hit by
pitch twice throughout the night. Although it may have hurt a little, his OBP went up by
a solid 30 points throughout the evening, so in hindsight, it really can’t be all that bad!
The Cannons will hit the road for the next couple of games playing the Waynesboro
Generals on Wednesday, and the Harrisonburg Turks on Thursday, but will return to
Fireman’s Field on Friday evening to take on the Staunton Braves at 7:00 pm. As
always, we hope to see y’all there, we thank you for your continued support, and go